Burn Notice – You Can Run (Part 2)

by Alan Rapp on December 23, 2012

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  • Title: Burn Notice – You Can Run (Part 2)
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“We finish this today, one way or another.”


The second half of the show’s Sixth Season finale opens with Sam (Bruce Campbell) finally out of the woods, but hardly fit for travel. The team is finally back together and safe in the house of yet another person who doesn’t want them there, but not for long. Unable to catch Michael and his team, Agent Riley (Sonja Sohn) makes a deal with the drug cartel Michael went after earlier this year in a job for the CIA. With no options left now that the CIA agent on their trail is providing CIA intel to a cartel to hunt down and kill his entire team, and his mother (Sharon Gless), Michael decides to stop running and take the fight to Riley’s door.

Laying a trap for Riley, Michael takes Sam to the hospital to see a doctor and contacts Bly (Alex Carter) to arrange to deliver proof that Riley has become so obsessed with taking down Michael and his team that she is selling out both the CIA and the DEA to a drug cartel. As Sam puts himself in danger Fi (Gabrielle Anwar) and Jesse (Coby Bell) begin surveilling Riley, but just as Michael gets the evidence he needs everything goes to hell.

With Bly dead and the evidence destroyed, Michael refuses to abandon his plans and let it all be for nothing. Unwilling to let Michael take on the cartel alone, Fi and Jesse distract the mercenaries on the dock as Michael sneaks aboard the yacht and plays an unusual game of chicken with both Riley and the U.S. Coast Guard to force the rouge agent to admit her crimes and give him the leverage he needs to save his entire team.

Although Sam’s condition improves quickly over the course of the episode, the team jumps quickly from the frying pan into the fire. And although Michael is able to get the proof he needs it doesn’t come without a cost. When the show began six years ago Michael Weston would gladly have jumped at the chance to accept the deal he’s offered here, but to keep his mother, Fi, Jesse, and Sam out of prison, and keep his word to Sam to “make things right” Michael must break his word to the woman he loves and agree to return to the organization which burned him and ruined his reputation six years ago. It will be interesting to see how the show deals with Michael’s new position, how long he keeps it, and how it effects his friends and family, particularly his relationship with Fi, when the show returns next summer for its Seventh Season.

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