Burn Notice – You Can Run (Part 1)

by Alan Rapp on December 23, 2012

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  • Title: Burn Notice – You Can Run (Part 1)
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The first-half of Burn Notice‘s Sixth Season finale begins with Michael (Jeffrey Donovan) sneaking away from the group for a secret meeting with his old friend Jason Bly (Alex Carter) who offers the spy a deal to get Agent Riley (Sonja Sohn) off his back and keep his friends out of jail by turning himself in as a CSS witness. After Fi (Gabrielle Anwar) convinces Michael to forget about Bly’s offer the team goes forward with their plans to flee the country as workers on a cargo ship, but things go south when their contact (Brett Rice) sells them out to Riley getting Sam (Bruce Campbell) shot and Jesse (Coby Bell) captured by the CIA.

As Riley and her team go to work on Jesse, trying to force him to give up the location of Michael and the others, Michael interrogates his own hostage (Patrick Kilpatrick), and Fi calls on her ex-boyfriend (Gary Weeks) to patch up Sam’s bullet wound which is far more serious than he was letting on. When Riley’s torture techniques fail to work she applies a different kind of pressure by offering Jesse a glance at the sealed file of his mother’s murder which he’s been trying to get his hands on for his entire life.

With Sam’s condition slowly worsening Michael uses their captive’s own cleverness against him to track down the safe house where Riley is keeping Jesse. With a little pharmaceutical help from Fi’s ex, Michael and Fi gas the safehouse and retrieve their Jesse without any bloodshed. But Sam’s last chance at survival may lay in the hands of a coked-out former plastic surgeon (Lochlyn Munro) who is not to keen on operating on their friend in the middle of his party.

The first-half of the season finale certainly raises the tension to the breaking point right up until Sam’s apparent “death” scene and Michael nearly loosing it in the car on the way to the doctor. The team may be intact by the end of the episode, barely, but there’s no guarantee they still will be as the season finale concludes.

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