Charlie’s Angels – To Kill an Angel

by Alan Rapp on March 26, 2019

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  • Title: Charlie’s Angels – To Kill an Angel
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Charlie's Angels - To Kill an Angel television review

Today’s Throwback Tuesday post takes us back to the tale of three beautiful former police detectives turned private detectives working for a faceless boss known as Charlie. While taking an autistic boy to an amusement park, Kelly (Jaclyn Smith) is accidentally shot by young Skip (Dennis Dimster) after he finds the gun used in a recent murder. As Skip runs off, and an unconscious Kelly is rushed to the hospital, it falls on Jill (Farrah Fawcett), Sabrina (Kate Jackson), and Bosley (David Doyle) to piece together events as they start a search for the traumatized Skip who wanders around the city collecting an assortment of trinkets for his fallen friend (just like in the story Kelly told him). From the outset of Kelly losing Skip at the amusement park and then accidentally get shot, “To Kill an Angel” offers a serious tone throughout. In fact, the only time the Angels crack a smile is when Jill and Sabrina are able to catch one of the killers inside a carnival ride.

A medicated Kelly, who is left alone by her friends (probably not great thinking when there are killers still on the loose) is tricked by one of them men into leading him to Skip. Unable to reach the others (no cell phones here), Kelly leaves the hospital in order to save Skip. Thankfully the rest of the Angels and the police arrive in time to catch both killers and allow the Angels to reunite Skip with his mother (Lee Bryant). The episode is notable for the emotional reaction by Jill and Sabrina to Kelly’s shooting and the unusual set-up for the episode as the Angels have to unravel a mystery with very little to go on.

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