Continuum – Second Last

by Alan Rapp on August 25, 2013

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  • Title: Continuum – Second Last
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Continuum - Second Last

Setting the stage for next week’s Second Season finale things get much complicated for everyone involved as secrets are revealed, loyalties are questioned, and Kiera (Rachel Nichols) is framed by the Freelancers for the murder of Agent Gardiner (Nicholas Lea) . Of course Alec (Erik Knudsen) has his own problems as well when Travis (Roger R. Cross) breaks into the lab and forces the scientist to reactivate his CMR. With no place else safe, Alec and run to the only place safe Alec has left which also gives him the opportunity to confront the man he now knows for certain is his father.

Before the episode’s end Carlos (Victor Webster) will have to choose between his duty and his friend, Kellog (Stephen Lobo), Kiera, and Alec will all learn the truth about Emily (Magda Apanowicz) working for Mr. Escher (Hugh Dillon) and Kiera will have to choose between saving a the love of Alec’s life or the time travel device when the Freelancers show up to collect it.

The status quo continues to change with a rebooted Travis and Sonya (Lexa Doig) reunited, Kiera forced into the role of public enemy number one, and the once perfectly laid out future of Alec Sadler much murkier than before. Will the fallout from Emily’s death make partners or enemies out of Alec and Escher? How will Carlos help prove Kiera’s innocence?  What is the next move for Sonya and Travis, and whose side is Kellogg really on? And how can Alec possibly forgive Kiera for sacrificing Emily’s life to protect the time travel device?

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