Covert Affairs – Uberlin

by Alan Rapp on November 9, 2011

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  • Title: Covert Affairs – Uberlin
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Annie (Piper Perabo) and Arthur (Peter Gallagher) travel to Berlin to attempt to turn an unpredictable former asset, and the current wife (Nina Kronjäger) of a famous money launderer (Urs Remond), into helping take down her husband. Annie’s job is made more difficult by being put in the middle of orders from her boss and working in the field with her boss’ boss (and husband) who has an entirely different agenda.

With Arthur back in the field Joan (Kari Matchett) takes over temporarily in her husband’s position where she has to make a deal with Jai (Sendhil Ramamurthy) to help set-up the play for Arthur as a potential client for the money launderer.

The episode’s B-story involves Auggie (Christopher Gorham) attending the birthday party of a now deceased former special ops teammate held by his family and friends. The highlight of the awkward evening is bonding with his friend’s little sister (Devin Kelley) who I hope we’ll see more of in the weeks to come.

The episode works well on a number of levels given Arthur’s past with the asset and Annie’s unique position of not being sure whose orders (Joan’s or Arthur’s) to follow. Annie also gets to show-off by riding a police motorcycle during a high-speed chase and prove she’s one of the CIA’s best young agents to her boss’ boss before heading back home and making a mistake up to her sister (Anne Dudek) and nieces. All in a day’s work.

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