Covert Affairs – Vamos

by Alan Rapp on July 17, 2013

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Covert Affairs - Vamos

Following the events of last season’s finale, Annie (Piper Perabo) leaves the warmth of her new romantic relationship with Auggie (Christopher Gorham) and heads down to Colombia to check out the intelligence about Arthur (Peter Gallagher) secretly funneling money to an agent of a Colombian terrorist group known only as the Puma (Manolo Cardona). If true the intelligence provided by Henry Wilcox (Gregory Itzin) could cripple the agency and  cost Arthur, Joan (Kari Matchett), and Auggie all their jobs.

Unwilling to let Annie take all the risk and have all the fun, Auggie follows her to Colombia where they accidentally step on the toes of the local CIA station chief (Hill Harper) who would very much like to know what they are doing in his country, especially after he finds the pair standing over a dead body. Things get even more complicated for the pair when Auggie gets shot following a courier from the bank and the both get picked up by the Puma’s men. Much like their Colombian CIA counterpart, it appears the Puma (who Auggie will later reveal is Arthur’s illegitimate son) wants the pair out of Colombia as soon as possible.

Back in Washington Joan receives an odd visit from Henry Wilcox meant to rattle Arthur who spends most of the episode sneaking time for secret phone calls and meetings with a mysterious agent (Michelle Ryan) who is not pleased when Arthur orders whatever off-book mission he’s been running to be shut down. On returning to D.C., we learn Auggie knows far more about Arthur’s history with the Puma than he’s told Annie. When his boss isn’t sure Auggie can keep quiet about what he knows, Arthur publicly resigns under a cover story of his recent marital infidelity that leaves the entire agency in shock.

Starting with a scene that takes place 10 months into he future and finds Annie in shooting it out in a hotel, and a recap of Wilcox’s troubling information about Arthur, “Vamos” raises several questions which will likely take most, if not all, of the season to unravel. Although they don’t get a lot of time together out of danger, Auggie and Annie look good together and I applaud the choice for Auggie to chase after her to Colombia (which works even better once we learn that Auggie has knowledge that he believes can keep her safe, but also may need to be kept from her to keep her safe). The episode’s final scene is a bit of a shocker, although events play out nearly exactly as Wilcox suggested. Now I guess we’ll have to wait and see if the hammer falls on Auggie, and how far Annie will go (like say, getting in a gunfight 10 months down the line) to keep that from happening.

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