King & Maxwell – Stealing Secrets

by Alan Rapp on July 17, 2013

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King & Maxwell - Stealing Secrets

King (Jon Tenney) and Maxwell (Rebecca Romijn) are hired by a Congressman (Jeff Hephner), and the son of the presidential candidate that died on the watch of King’s Secret Security detail, to deal with an anonymous gossip blogger (Sarah-Jane Redmond) targeting the man’s family. When Maxwell isn’t able to scare the woman off, King enlists the help of Benny (Dichen Lachman) to lay a trap to the blogger in order to follow her back to the blogger’s inside source, but all his master plan ends up in doing is getting the blogger killed.

Maxwell begins to be concerned when her partner begins weaving an intricate conspiracy theory linking the death of the Congressman’s father to the current attack on his son. Searching for the blogger’s source leads the pair to another detective (Jerry O’Connell) and an underground gambler (Adrian Holmes) both connected to the blogger, but neither of whom is the source. They also find information tying the leak to the Congressman’s opposition researcher who the FBI quickly connect to the blogger’s murder but whom neither the detective nor the Congressman like for the murder.

With the help of Jerry (O’Connell), the gambler, and Edgar (Ryan Hurst), the detectives set a trap for a hitman in the train station which eventually leads them not only to the blogger’s source by the person behind the murder of the blogger and the smear campaign on the Congressman’s family. Although King is successful in helping the Congressman, it’s not enough to pay the debt of the the assassination of his father on King’s watch which leads the detective to talk with Bob Scott (Martin Donovan) and come to the conclusion that his crazy conspiracy theory may not be as far off the mark as Maxwell believes.

The mystery allows for some nice twists and turns and several small moments of note including Edgar’s guilt at not having King’s back, the introduction of Jerry (and the ever-widening circle of recurring characters), Maxwell’s obvious concern for King and Scott getting lost in an eight year-old case, Maxwell playing a mean game of poker, and the revelation of why the Congressman hired King for the job. Next week will no doubt bring a new case of the week for the pair to solve, but it looks like the investigation into King’s final job for the Secret Service is going to continue to be an active plotline over the remainder of the show’s First Season.

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