Covert Affairs – When the Levee Breaks

by Alan Rapp on September 15, 2010

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Season One of Covert Affairs is done. The season finale “When the Levee Breaks” tied-up a few loose ends, including the Anne/Ben relationship (hopefully for good). I liked this first season, especially the episodes that didn’t get hijacked by Anne’s lost love, and am happy it got renewed for a second season beginning next summer. Take a look at the finale below with a few more of my thoughts (*SPOILERS* included) after the jump.


The season ends with the apparent death of Ben Mercer (Eion Bailey) and I really hope he stays dead. While I didn’t mind the mysterious man from Anne’s (Piper Perabo) past, I felt the stories involving Ben took the show away from its strengths and the story it should be covering – Anne’s development as a CIA operative. I also didn’t think the chemistry between Anne/Ben was as good as Anne with both Auggie (Christopher Gorham) and Jai (Sendhil Ramamurthy). Either or both should now be allowed to flourish. That is as long as he stays dead (as the short teaser for Season Two suggests) and doesn’t make a “surprise” return.

Probably the least surprising thing from the episode was the identity of Liza Hearn’s (Emmanuelle Vaugier) source. I hope she returns for a second season. One of the nice surprises of Season One was her relationship with Auggie.

Overall, it was a good first season. Maybe not as strong as the first seasons of Psych or White Collar, but still worth watching. Although I am afraid I might tire of the storyline with her sister (Anne Dudek) – please no more family vacations which happen to turn into missions, I am looking forward to Anne and the rest of the gang returning for more fun and mayhem in August.

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piper fan October 26, 2010 at 4:43 pm

When is this show coming back? I really miss it. I can’t wait until it comes out on dvd so I can buy it.


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