Elementary – While You Were Sleeping

by Alan Rapp on October 7, 2012

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  • Title: Elementary – While You Were Sleeping
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Captain Gregson (Aidan Quinn) calls in Sherlock Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller) to consult on a case involving a man murdered and robbed on returning home. Holmes quickly identifies the man’s neighbor as the thief, but the identity of the murderer takes a little more time. While Gregson’s junior detective (Jon Michael Hill) is perfectly willing to lay the murder at the feet of the opportunistic neighbor, Holmes believes a woman is responsible, even if she was in a coma when the crime occurred.

A second, at first seemingly unrelated, murder is connected through Holmes observing a  genetic disorder shared by the two victims. A DNA test shows the victims were indeed half-siblings with no apparently knowledge of each other or the fact that they shared a father  Further investigation leads Holmes and Gregson to suspect the coma victim’s fraternal twin (Jennifer Ferrin) who, along with her comatose sister, was investigating her father’s illegitimate children who could lay claim to their father’s inheritance. While forced into attending a support group meeting by Watson (Lucy Liu), Holmes puts the final piece into place and sets a trap to catch the killer.

The episode’s B-story involves Watson trying to get to know Holmes better and reconnecting with a former boyfriend who is concerned about her new choice of profession. Although the boyfriend story doesn’t lead anywhere all that interesting, Holmes’ and Watson’s probing into each others’ private lives does create a couple of fun scenes as well as introduce a famous piece of the Sherlock Holmes legend into the show.

Lanie October 9, 2012 at 6:51 pm

hi! I like this show more then sherlock but I hope it will have irene alder soon. she’s my favorite.

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