Hawaii Five-0 – Ha’awe Make Loa

by Alan Rapp on December 5, 2012

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  • Title: Hawaii Five-0 – Ha’awe Make Loa
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“This is my most favorite day of all-time.”


While Danny (Scott Caan) searches for a man stalking and threatening a Victoria’s Secret model (Behati Prinsloo), McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) and the rest of the team rally around Max (Masi Oka) who got stuck in the middle of a bank robbery gone wrong resulting in two gunshot victims including the bank teller (Rumer Willis) the M.E. has had a serious crush on for months.

Fong (Brian Yang) discovers how the robbers were able to shield their identities from the bank’s security cameras leading to Kono (Grace Park) to question how such high-tech robbers planned such an ill-conceived robbery attempt (and then dump all the money by the side of the road a couple of miles away). With Max still shaken by the experience and the teller in surgery, McGarrett and Kono talk with the other shooting victim (Lochlyn Munro) and follow a lead to track down a very high, and very naked, member of the crew (Allen Theosky Rowe) whose story makes even less sense than the robbery itself.

With a little help from Fong, Danny is able to identify the stalker as a mentally disturbed woman and prevent her from harming the model, which sadly also ends the best assignment Danny ever had. Meanwhile, the ringleader (C. Thomas Howell) of the robbers, who Chin (Daniel Dae Kim) is able to identify as a mob enforcer with ties to the local drug cartel, makes a trip to the hospital to silence the shooting victim who the team discovers was actually the brains behind the entire robbery that wasn’t a robbery at all but a very public suicide attempt.

The tie-in to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show (which will also be airing on CBS) is a little goofy, but it works well and gives us a thoroughly happy Danny for a change. Max’s story has some nice twists as well as the truth behind the robbery is carefully hidden for most of the episode. We’ll have to see whether Willis sticks around in a recurring role (possible) or if Danny ever get’s a shot with his supermodel (highly unlikely).

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