Leverage – The White Rabbit Job

by Alan Rapp on December 6, 2012

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  • Title: Leverage – The White Rabbit Job
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“This con is unpredictable. It can break a mark. It can break a grifter. It can break a team.”


The Leverage team attempts the impossible con to save a small town by turning the the owner of an energy company (Andrew Bowen) back into the man he used to be before he started massive cuts and laying off workers en masse in an attempt unload his grandfather’s company. By offering the Dodson a 10-day cure for his panic attack Sophie (Gina Bellman) gets their mark into Hardison’s (Aldis Hodge) “Dreamnasium” where they attempt radical behavior modification through the man’s dreams and Elliot’s (Christian Kane) drug-induced hallucinations.

Unable to use the hallucinations to coerce the executive into symbolically reopening the company’s potentially lucrative old alternative energy contracts, the team kicks things into high gear which reveals Dodson’s dead second-cousin which coincides with the beginning of the man’s attempt to take down his grandfather’s company.

As Dodson fast tracks the auction of the company the team plays on Parker’s (Beth Riesgraf) resemblance to the dead cousin to force their mark to deal with his guilt and fear, but things start falling apart when Dodson’s second-in-command (Michael Sheets) shows up with security and Dodson takes an energy drink that begins to counteract the drugs in mid-hallucination causing the increasingly confused man to question his reality.

The con ends with Parker alone on the roof with “the guy we just spent four days driving crazy,” but the thief proves more than up to the task by offering the man the hard truth and forcing Dodson to stop dwelling on the past and look to the future of the company his grandfather started. Despite almost forcing their mark to commit suicide, the team pulls off another impossible con and Leverage‘s “20lbs. of crazy in a 5lbs. bag” reminds us she’s not as crazy as everyone thinks.

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