Hawaii Five-0 – Wahine’inoloa

by Alan Rapp on November 27, 2012

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  • Title: Hawaii Five-0 – Wahine’inoloa
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Five-0 is called in to investigate the murder of a man who was shot, dosed with gasoline, set on fire, and hit by a moving car in the middle of remote sugarcane fields. The trail leads McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) and Kono (Grace Park) to a squirrely therapist (Vanessa Marcil) who McGarrett is positive is involved in the murder, even if he can’t prove it. A trip to the victim’s wife (Amy Sloan) reveals the victim had something on his conscience to atone for before his death, but doesn’t provide McGarrett anything to connect an improper relationship between her husband and his therapist leading Danny (Scott Caan) to question McGarrett’s initial assessment of the situation and their leading suspect.

Chin (Daniel Dae Kim) and Kono seek out a private investigator eight men (including their victim and a judge) were paying $20,000 in blackmail to, but all they find is a computer full of encrypted files and a second victim. A little more digging leads to the discovery that the therapist isn’t actually a therapist at all but a high priced madam with plenty to lose. Despite the woman continuing to play McGarrett, including hitting him with both a restraining order and a flat tire along with throwing in a pair of late twists into her attempt to flee the island, Five-0 gets their killer.

In the episode’s B-story Catherine (Michelle Borth) gets an unexpected visit from the angry and armed U.S. Marshall (Carlos Bernard) she used to help track down McGarrett’s mother (Christine Lahti). Catherine learns that hacking into the Marshall’s file has not only got him suspended but also put an assassin Doris McGarrett supposedly killed 30 years ago back on her trail. Without letting McGarrett in on the threat, Catherine investigates the would-be assassin, but when Doris goes missing what she discovers is anything but what she expected.

Both the A and B-stories work well, as McGarrett’s frustration almost over boils at his attempt to prove the shrink’s involvement in the killings and Catherine discovers something fans have long suspected – Doris McGarrett is more complicated, and far more dangerous, that she appears. Although Doris earns Catherine’s promise not to discuss the situation it’s obvious there’s enough going on concerning her past that it will be impossible to keep McGarrett in the dark forever… just maybe until sweeps.

Packer Dude November 28, 2012 at 2:57 am

It is wonderful to seeing Grace Park get some action scenes. We need to see more of Kono kicking butt!

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