Highlander – Band of Brothers

by Alan Rapp on May 21, 2020

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Highlander - Band of Brothers television review

Throwback Thursday takes us back to a man born in the Highlands of Scotland more than 400 years ago and a murderous game between sword-wielding immortals where there can be only one. Aside from being a strong standalone episode, “Band of Brothers” feeds the larger Highlander storylines in several ways. First, the episode introduces the former general turned priest in Darius (Werner Stocker). A mentor and friend to Duncan (Adrian Paul), Darius’ introduction not only fills in a gap of Duncan’s life from warrior to a more complex individual but also introduces the idea of a Dark Quickening which the series will develop further along the line by offering the story of the inverse when the once powerful general was forever changed by taking the life of a holy man and turning away from a life of war.

Darius’ abandonment of his former life so long ago creates the conflict that comes to a boil in “Band of Brothers” when one of his most vicious disciples begins attacking Darius through his relationships in hopes of both paining the priest and forcing him from holy ground. Two of his targets become an international peacemaker and MacLeod, although Grayson (James Horan) does take steps initially to try and keep Duncan out of the fray. A thousand years older, Grayson has experience over MacLeod as well as a vicious streak that he has been feeding for centuries. The episode culminates in one of the larger outdoor set pieces in a sulfur mine for the final showdown between the two immortals.

Grayson is one of the few immortals Duncan fears facing over the series run. In some ways it’s unfortunate that Grayson only appears in a single episode as he makes for a worthy adversary for MacLeod, but on the other hand the story fits nicely here not only in the various conflicts, and more flashbacks to Duncan’s past with Darius, but also with the unexpected consequences of Grayson’s arrival as it moves the MacLeod, Tessa (Alexandra Vandernoot), and Richie (Stan Kirsch) to Paris for the remainder of the season. Also worth noting, the episode also brings back Amanda Wyss as nosy reporter Randi MacFarland in the character’s final appearance.

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