House of Lies – When Dinosaurs Ruled the Planet

by Alan Rapp on January 22, 2013

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  • Title: House of Lies – When Dinosaurs Ruled the Planet
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House of Lies - When Dinosaurs Ruled the Planet

As Jeanie (Kristen Bell) remains in New York to talk with Galweather Steran’s new acting CEO (Bess Armstrong) about her future with the company, Marty (Don Cheadle), Clyde (Ben Schwartz), and Doug (Josh Lawson) head to Las Vegas to help Mr. Pinkus (Kevin Dobson) re-brand his aging casino. Jeanie eventually joins the group, but Marty also has to balance working with his old friend Tamara (Nia Long) and deal with the fact that Doug gets himself thrown out of the casino because of a major card counting system he ran years ago that has left him banned from every gaming floor on the strip.

When Jeanie and Tamara fight over different strategies to present to Pinkus forcing Marty is forced to play referee and choose a course of action that doesn’t get easier when an upset Tamara shits all over the plan of a casino remodel in front of the client. Trying to turn things around, Marty and his team sell Tamara’s idea, which Pinkus hated, to a to another casino run by pair of twin douchebags (Evan HartTaylor Gerard Hart) who are old friends of Clyde.

Long was an interesting addition to the team for this episode and the cattiness between Tamara and Jeanie was palpable, but I’m not sure I’m going to enjoy her sticking around for additional episodes. Lawson gets some big Guggenheim scene-stealing moments as expected (such as when he gets forcibly removed from the casino and later accosts a street Elvis performing while on a conference call). We also get a few more flashbacks of the drunken night between Marty and Jeanie and the revelation that, at least in the moment, he returned her affection.

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