Legends of Tomorrow – Invasion!

by Alan Rapp on December 4, 2016

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  • Title: Legends of Tomorrow – Invasion!
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Legends of Tomorrow - Invasion!

I guess it’s not surprising that the the show with the biggest cast would be the one to deal best with the Invasion! crossover, even if that does mean that The CW’s weakest super-hero link provides the best episode of the quartet. The final episode reveals the motives for the Dominators‘ arrival and just what they have planned for the Earth’s meta-human population. The fact that Barry‘s (Grant Gustin) time-divergence is responsible for the Dominators, who after the reveal seem more like timecops than killer monsters, was a bit of a surprise. The demand that Barry turn himself over to the aliens or they would kill all the meta-humans on the planet is awkward (given their fear of meta-humans is there any reason to believe they would be satisfied with only Barry?). In much the same way the logic to beating the aliens is questionable (could they really be certain to get every Dominator?), but it does give Barry and Kara (Melissa Benoist) the chance for more tag-team goodness.

The four-part crossover (or three-part crossover with an epilogue lead-in) was a mixed success. Supergirl wasn’t really part of the crossover and Arrow focused nearly entirely on its current and former cast members. The remaining two episodes, where the various casts interacted more and worked together were more successful. I’m not sure that they we’re successful enough to try this again, but we’ll see. As for Invasion!’s legacy, it gave Supergirl a way to entire the rest of the Arrowverse at the touch of the click, finally dislodged the stick from Cisco‘s (Carlos Valdes) ass, and gave us the first taste of what these Super Friends could do together (and, hey, they already have a Hall of Justice waiting for them).

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