Nikita – Reunion

by Alan Rapp on March 10, 2013

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Nikita - Reunion

Amanda (Melinda Clarke) makes a play to kidnap Ari‘s (Peter Outerbridge) son Stefan (Dylan Minnette) to gain sole control of the black box, and as payback for Ari’s betrayal, but she wasn’t counting on the surprisingly effective ex-German counter-intelligence officer (Andrew Divoff) Ari hired to protect his son and kill any potential threat to him. Krieg’s (Divoff) skills keep Stefan alive from Amanda’s hired soldiers giving Nikita (Maggie Q) and Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) time to get to Switzerland and take Stefan from Krieg.

Back in Division Owen (Devon Sawa) is less than pleased with Michael (Shane West) benching him as Nikita’s backup and denying him access to Ari given his personal stake concerning answers both might be able to shed on his past. Disobeying Michael’s orders, Owen forces his way into Ari’s interrogation room demanding answers and unintentionally putting Nikita’s life in serious risk thousands of miles away.

Alex heads after Amanda’s goons who grab the boy leaving Amanda and Nikita alone to settle their score, but both are captured by Krieg who, despite discovering Ari’s bank accounts drained, has no intentions of leaving the young man in the hands of those who might do him harm. Alex and Krieg come to an unease truce and make a last ditch effort to save Stefan as Nikita and Amanda, unable to escape, watch the warehouse around them slowly burn around them.

“Reunion” works well for a number of reasons but mostly for the surprisingly layered character of Krieg who is far much more than just another mercenary for hire, and more than a little like the show’s heroine. Owen’s loss of control looses the former cleaner Michael’s trust, and the show’s final scene sets up a great cliffhanger as Amanda may not have gotten the hostage she wanted to trade for Ari but stealing Nikita’s protege from the police should be more than enough to make next week very interesting.

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