Young Justice – Summit

by Alan Rapp on March 10, 2013

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  • Title: Young Justice: Invasion – Summit
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Young Justice - Summit

Everything comes to a head here as the Young Justice team wins a huge, if incomplete, victory over both The Light and The Reach by using the summit between the two groups to capture The Reach Ambassador (Phil Lamarr),  Black Manta (Khary Payton), and others as well as publicly expose The Reach’s plans of conquest for Earth and get proof of The Light’s plan to frame the Justice League for crimes during the 16 hours the heroes were under the control of Starro-tech.

Even with all the major players off world, the team manages on their own to spring their trap and cripple both The Light’s operations and The Reach’s plans even after Ra’s al Ghul (Oded Fehr) exposes Artemis (Stephanie Lemelin) and Aqualad‘s (Payton) deception to the rest of the summit. Thankfully the pair don’t come alone as Superboy (Nolan North), Batgirl (Alyson Stoner), Miss Martian (Danica McKellar), Kid Flash (Jason Spisak), Nightwing (Jesse McCartney), Blue Beetle (Eric Lopez), Lagoon Boy (Yuri Lowenthal), Impulse (Jason Marsden), Bumblebee (Masasa Moyo), Wonder Girl(Mae Whitman), Beast Boy (Logan Grove), and Guardian (Kevin Michael Richardson) all get in on the action.

The escape of Vandal Savage (Miguel Ferrer) and Klarion (Thom Adcox) and the fact that Black Beetle (Kevin Grevioux) plans to destroy Earth to hide The Reach’s experiments on Earth mean there are still plenty of obstacles to overcome in next week’s finale. However, for at least now, the entire Young Justice team is finally back together. My only real complaint with “Summit” is how easily Savage and his remaining soldiers takedown the likes of Black Canary and Captain Marvel off-camera before stealing War World.

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