Person of Interest – A More Perfect Union

by Alan Rapp on May 24, 2016

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  • Title: Person of Interest – A More Perfect Union
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Person of Interest - A More Perfect Union

“A More Perfect Union” balances three stories. The number of the week sends Reese (Jim Caviezel), Finch (Michael Emerson), and eventually Root (Amy Acker) all to a high-end wedding where a member of the wedding party (although not the one they initially suspect is in danger). While given the most time of all three storylines, it’s actually the one which has the least impact on the season’s arc (although the final melancholy shot of three of them at the wedding reception certainly fits the tone of the show’s final season). As expected, Fusco (Kevin Chapman) continuing to investigate the series of missing people (all of them Samaritan victims) eventually leads the detective into grave danger as the computer’s agents cover up their tracks. Has another agent of The Machine met their end? I’m not betting on it just yet.

The third storyline picks up the thread of Shaw (Sarah Shahi). After more than 7,000 simulations fail to get her to turn on her friends or give up the location of The Machine, Samaritan changes tactics and attempts to sell Shaw on the idea that she might be fighting for the wrong side. While Shaw is momentarily swayed b the good Samaritan is accomplishing, she’s far from convinced to switch sides and join the evil super computer’s quest to control the entire world. The question becomes how long will she be stuck in artificial reality limbo? And if she does escape how will she trust the events are real and not yet another illusion crafted by Samaritan?

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kyle June 4, 2016 at 5:54 am

I love Root and Fusco together


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