Psych – In for a Penny…

by Alan Rapp on December 1, 2011

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  • Title: Psych – In for a Penny…
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Learning about Juliet’s (Maggie Lawson) estranged relationship to her father Frank (William Shatner), Shawn (James Roday) and a reluctant Gus (Dulé Hill) set out to bring father and daughter closer together in time for Jules’ 30th birthday. However, standing in the way of reconciliation is years of disappointment and Frank’s chosen profession as a con man.

Not willing to give up Shawn hires Frank to help with a case involving a group of thieves who recently busted a safecracker out of prison and are making ready for their big score. With Frank’s help the team grabs one of the suspects only to learn, much to Juliet’s disappointment, that her father has conned them all.

At 80 year-old Shatner is still full of energy, and does pretty well in keeping up with the show’s trademark insanity. There are some great moments between father and daughter including Frank showing up announced at the police station and the final reconciliation between the Frank and Juliet.

Although the mystery of the week doesn’t have the usual Psych zaniness, the episode works well in giving us a little more of Juliet’s past (the first character besides Shawn and Gus to get a flashback scene from her childhood to start an episode) and providing a great role (more than just stunt casting) for Shatner.

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