Rookie Blue – You Are Here

by Alan Rapp on August 24, 2013

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  • Title: Rookie Blue – You Are Here
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Rookie Blue - You Are Here

After shift Oliver (Matt Gordon), Swarek (Ben Bass), Epstein (Gregory Smith), and Diaz (Travis Milne) head out to Oliver’s new cabin, leaving Andy (Missy Peregrym), Gail (Charlotte Sullivan), Nick (Peter Mooney), and Chloe (Priscilla Faia) to work a second shift and help Nash (Enuka Okuma) investigate a murder in a house used to grow an amazing amount of marijuana. The investigation runs into a few stumbling blocks including Steve Peck (Adam MacDonald) muscling in on the case and Gail getting exposed to some dangerous chemicals. However, Gail’s increasingly loopy behavior (after being given Oxycontin in the ER) does finally give Andy the courage to admit to her relationship with Nick.

In the woods the guys get back to nature as Swarek offers Oliver his two-cents about Celery (Emily Hampshire), Oliver gets his friend to open up about his unresolved feelings for Andy, and Epstein and Diaz discuss the older officers still treating them like rookies while getting lost in the forest while gathering firewood. The ladies fare much better as Chloe’s ability to speak Portuguese helps them turn a gangbanger and nab their killer (Doug Smith) only seconds before Nick had finished walking the suspect out of the building.

Aside from the amount of pot found in the house, the main case of isn’t all that memorable but it does allow Chloe to prove herself and gives Nash chance to close her first homicide. “You Are Here” also plays on several ongoing storylines as Swarek’s admission to Oliver comes to late as Andy has decided to date Nick (with or without Gail’s blessing), and Epstein and Diaz earn a little cred with the older officers (even if the pair do spend most of the episode lost in the woods).

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