Perception – Wounded

by Alan Rapp on August 23, 2013

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“That son of a bitch got away with raping a war hero. Now maybe there’s nothing I can do about that, but he’s sure as hell not going to get away with murder. Not on my watch.”

Perception - Wounded

Based on Daniel Pierce’s (Eric McCormack) examination, Kate (Rachael Leigh Cook) convinces Donnie (Scott Wolf) to drop the charges of a over-sexed war hero with a dangerous neurological condition (Lindsay Pulsipher) who blew up a convenience store with a grenade for a pack of cigarettes. Things take a dark turn less than a week later when she’s found covered in blood over the of a murdered body of a member of her Afghanistan platoon. In order to safe her life, and Donnie’s reputation, Daniel and Kate set out to prove the young woman’s innocence.

Kate interviews other members of the platoon (Corey BrillLex Shontz) including the an influential Congressman’s (John Heard) son (Logan Bartholomew) who raped her shortly after the firefight where the young woman saved the lives of two soldiers and was awarded the Silver Star. Although the suicidal confession of another member of the platoon clears their hero for the murder, Kate is sure the Congressman’s rapist son is responsible for both killings even if she can’t quite convince either Daniel or Donnie of her suspicions.

In the episode’s B-story Daniel struggles to deal with the return of a former flame (Perrey ReevesChelsea Ricketts in flashbacks) who he broke up with before his diagnosis and has a hard time trying to reconnect with. Daniel’s latest hallucination (Graham Beckel) gives the team one more shot and taking down their suspect on a lesser charge, but all it ends up doing is getting Kate suspended and deciding to continue stalking the subject on her own time which leads to a deadly night and serious consequences leading into next week’s season finale.

I like the idea of returning returning a woman who knew Daniel before his diagnosis back into his life, but his indecision and the hot-and-cold reaction he has to the woman is even more awkward than usual and dooms the subplot before it ever really gets going. Kate’s obsession also feels far too rushed, especially given the episode’s final scene leading to big repercussions I’m willing to bet the show will find a way to solve next week before returning for its Third Season next year.

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