Sword of the Atom!

by Alan Rapp on October 1, 2011

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  • Title: Batman: The Brave and the Bold – Sword of the Atom!
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When the super-villain Chronos reappears Batman (Diedrich Bader) seeks the help of his old friend the Atom. However, Ryan Choi (James Sie) has retired from crimefighting so Batman searches out the original Atom, Ray Palmer (Peter Scolari) – “the fun one.” When Batman goes missing as well Aquaman (John Di Maggio) and Choi shrink themselves down and set off to find the Dark Knight in the miniature world of the Atom.

Batman’s quest for Palmer takes him to the miniature city of Moralaidh filled by the alien race of Katarthans. Ray has been living with them and helping them repair their spacecraft. He’s also fallen in love with the Princess Laethwen (Gabrielle Carteris) who plans to marry the earthling much to the displeasure of Chancellor Deraegis (Enn Reitel) who is against their union.

Writers Thomas Pugsley and Steven Melching adapt the storyline from The Sword of the Atom condensing it into a single episode (that works surprisingly well considering it’s not really a super-hero story) and then giving it some tweaks by adding in Choi, Batman, and Aquaman. There’s plenty of action, some great one-liners by Aquaman, and fans of both versions of the Atom should feel good about the outcome.

If last episode’s pre-credit sequence was disappointing this one is anything but by giving us “The Currys of Atlantis,” a sitcom look at Aquaman’s life (complete with a live audience). Even Black Manta (Kevin Michael Richardson) makes an appearance. A very good episode all-around.

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