The Crazy Ones – She’s So European

by Alan Rapp on October 26, 2013

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  • Title: The Crazy Ones – She’s So European
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The Crazy Ones - She's So European

The arrival of one of the firm’s favorite clients (Saffron Burrows) puts everyone in a tizzy as she takes both Simon (Robin Williams) and Zach (James Wolk) as her lovers on back-to-back nights and shares secrets about her relationships with both men with Sydney (Sarah Michelle Gellar). Sydney’s discomfort with the situation gradually rubs off on both men creating a problem to properly service the client (so to speak).

The storyline provides plenty of awkward moments (about half of which are funny) of each character trying to woo, or in Sydney’s case look cool, to the client that each of them has some level of crush on. By the end the in-fighting and discomfort of the situation nearly looses them the client and each of their relationships with her as the team decides too much sharing and gossip among their co-workers isn’t a good idea.

In the episode’s B-story Andrew (Hamish Linklater) deals with a prima donna voice actor (Fred Melamed) who doesn’t take kindly to the hippie offering him advice on his reading of soundbites for a cologne commercial. Only by standing up for himself does Andrew eventually earn the man’s respect. Another episode that features some wacky moments, and a somewhat hamfisted lesson about life, but is mostly forgettable.

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