The Crazy Ones – The Breakfast Burrito Club

by Alan Rapp on October 19, 2013

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  • Title: The Crazy Ones – The Breakfast Burrito Club
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“I feel terrible I ruined your vacation you never wanted to go on.”

The Crazy Ones - The Breakfast Burrito Club

Sydney (Sarah Michelle Gellar) cancels her forced vacation with a lesbian adventure club in Hawaii to help Simon (Robin Williams) lead the rest of the staff in an 11th hour strategy session to come up with a campaign for breakfast burritos. However, the team quickly gets offtrack with any distraction they can find including Lauren’s (Amanda Setton) poetry and discoveries that Andrew (Hamish Linklater) is back with his crazy ex and Zach (James Wolk) is dating a woman he actually cares for.

After nearly setting the office on fire and setting off the sprinkler system in an attempt to help Andrew win back his masculinity, which also leads to the awkward aftermath of him kissing Sydney. Even a trip to her dad’s old diner, with him behind the counter doesn’t get the creative juices flowing.

Despite all the tomfoolery, “The Breakfast Burrito Club” has a nice message as Simon tries to convince his daughter to find a life outside of the office before she ends up like her old man. And the 11th hour strategy session eventually pays off as the myriad of off topic distractions finally lead to a not-half-bad breakfast burrito slogan.

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