The Lying Game – Regrets Only

by Alan Rapp on February 21, 2013

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  • Title: The Lying Game – Regrets Only
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“Deny it all you want, you know I’m right. You and me, we’re everything.”

The Lying Game - Regrets Only

After spending the night with Thayer (Christian Alexander) Emma (Alexandra Chando) is forced to deal with Ethan’s (Blair Redford) hurt feelings and is still reeling from the realization that Ted (Andy Buckley) is her birth father and the most likely suspect in Derek’s murder. Sutton (Chando) continues to play dumb about not knowing Rebecca (Charisma Carpenter) is the twin’s birth mother, although she begins to second guess all of Rebecca’s maneuverings. and Emma’s distrust of her sister keeps her from spilling the beans about her suspicions about Ted.

Alec (Adrian Pasdar) confirms Emma’s suspicions that Ted is her father but doesn’t believe his friend is capable of murder. Alec also lets slip the secret that Ted never knew there was a second baby. On his way to a round of golf with Jordan (Ryan Rottman) Alec also runs into Kristin (Helen Slater) for an impromptu make-out session which Rebecca witnesses and makes sure Ted knows about as well. The confrontation between the pair reinforces the fact that Ted doesn’t know about Emma and Alec acted alone in splitting up the twins and hiding Emma’s existence from her father (although the reasons for this still remain a mystery).

Sharing her love triangle problems with Kristin, Emma gets a better understanding of Kristin’s relationships with both Alec and Ted and begins to suspect she may have made a mistake in choosing Thayer over Ethan. Kristin serving Ted divorce papers forces him into the willing arms of Rebecca who is close to getting everything she’s ever wanted. Reeling from the news of her parents decision to divorce, and knowing Emma’s conflicted feelings, Laurel (Allie Gonino) tells Ethan not to give up and to fight for what he wants.

With their wedding in two days, Theresa (Yara Martinez) and Dan (Tyler Christopher) stakeout the cemetery to discover who has been leaving flowers anonymously on Derek’s grave. After leaving the rehearsal dinner to continue the stakeout alone, Theresa learns the truth, but in the episode’s cliffhanger it may cost her everything as disappears on the eve of her wedding. By the end of the episode nearly every relationship on the show is in some state of flux. It will be interesting to see if Sutton beginning to question Rebecca’s actions and motives will move her into Emma’s corner, or if her mother’s maneuverings continue to get her everything she wants, no matter what it costs anyone else.

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