The Pretender – Crazy

by Alan Rapp on April 14, 2020

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  • Title: The Pretender – Crazy
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The Pretender - Crazy television review

Throwback Tuesday takes us back to another episode featuring a man who can be anyone he wants to be. The Third Season of The Pretender opens with Jarod (Michael T. Weiss) in a mental institution raving about those out to get him while The Centre puts the pieces back together after the explosion that destroyed SL-27 and left Sydney (Patrick Bauchau) temporarily without sight. While Miss Parker (Andrea Parker) is still in control of the search for Jarod, she’s given unexpected, and unwanted, assiatance by the the return of Mr. Lyle (Jamie Denton). Lyle’s return will earn Syndey a reprieve from Centre justice and answer a linger question about Miss Parker’s family tree.

The set-up of “Crazy” is well-handled offering a reasonable explanation for Jarod’s current confinement, although it doesn’t take long to realize he’s no crazier than he ever was and back undercover looking into one patient’s disappearance and another’s over-medication at the hands of her psychiatrist. It is fun to watch Jarod tell just enough truth about the Centre to get him locked into a psychiatric ward but not enough for someone to begin digging into his story. Leaving the artwork for his doctor (Catherine Dent) is a nice touch as well. As for the Centre, Lyle’s return and confirmation of his paternity offers a shake-up to the status quo as well as an unexpected ally for Sydney to continue his search for his lost pupil.

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