Young Justice – True Colors

by Alan Rapp on January 21, 2013

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  • Title: Young Justice: Invasion – True Colors
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Young Justice - True Colors

In the latest episode the Young Justice team brings in the Atom (Jason Marsden) to try and find a way to remove the scarab from Jaime Reyes (Eric Loomis) who fears Impulse‘s (Marsden) prophecy of the Blue Beetle’s future coming true. While the Atom is unsuccessful in his attempt, Jaime does get some good news from the Green Beetle (Phil LaMarr) of Mars who informs him even if the scarab cannot be removed it can still be controlled.

Suspicious of the Reach’s new alliance with Lex Luthor (Mark Rolston), Nightwing (Jesse McCartney) assembles a stealth team led by Robin (Cameron Bowen) to investigate a LexCorp facility and discover what the real story is behind the food being mass produced food created by LexCorp and Reach scientists. Despite getting a sample for testing, the team doesn’t make it out clean as Arsenal (Crispin Freeman) takes the opportunity to blow up part of the facility just to stick it to Luthor one more time. The team only survives their battle with the Black Beetle (Kevin Grevioux) thanks to the unexpected appearance and assistance of the Green Beetle.

Other ongoing stories included the continued media attack of G. Gordon Godfrey (Tim Curry) on the Justice League as dangerous galactic criminals and the Sportsmaster (Nick Chinlund) severing his ties with The Light because he blames Black Manta‘s’ (Khary Payton) son Aqualad for the death of Artemis and wants his revenge. The Light doesn’t look have too hard for his replacement, Deathstroke, but Manta and his comatose son, whose mind is being slowly rebuilt by Psimon whose work may very well discover the truth about Aqualad and Artemis, who will have to watch their backs for the foreseeable future.

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