Batman – Christmas with the Joker

by Alan Rapp on May 23, 2014

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  • Title: Batman: The Animated Series – Christmas with the Joker
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Batman - Christmas with the Joker

In honor of Batman‘s 75th Anniversary we turn out attention back to the Dark Knight’s more memorable moments on the big and small screen with another episode from Batman: The Animated Series. Although the episode was held to air during a more holiday-appropirate air date, “Christmas with the Joker” was the second episode of Batman: The Animated Series to be produced. Featuring the first appearance of both the Joker (Mark Hamill) and the Dick Grayson Robin (Loren Lester), the episode further built on the groundwork laid by “On Leather Wings” by introducing Arkham Asylum and reporter Summer Gleason (Mari Devon) for the first time.

Kidnapping Commissioner Gordon (Bob Hastings), Harvey Bullock (Robert Costanzo), and Gleason, the Joker holds the threesome hostage while hijacking the Christmas broadcast feed in favor of his very own Christmas special in which he taunts the Dynamic Duo. Arranging various obstacles in their path, such as a cannon at Gotham Observatory and train heading for a bridge that the Joker’s minions have destroyed, the Clown Prince of Crime counts his way down to the special’s deadly grand finale. Very much a traditional Joker plot, “Christmas with the Joker” shows the madcap insanity of the villain, the elaborate plans, and the hidden purpose of doing it all simply to get over on Batman (Kevin Conroy).

“Christmas with the Joker” may not be the best episode featuring the Joker but it holds up well and certainly creates the template for the character who would become the series’ stand-out villain. A few other notes: Robin is dressed in the first Tim Drake Robin costume from the comics. Batman and Robin use thrown Batarang lines rather than self-propelled version the show would eventually adopt later on. The Joker ends defeated and hanging over a vat of acid (very similar to the character’s comic origin). And “Christmas with the Joker” features several pop-culture references including “Jingle Bells, Batman Smells” and It’s a Wonderful Life.

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