Fatale #5

by Alan Rapp on May 15, 2012

in Comics

fatale-5-coverHank wakes bloodied, chained, and with odd symbols carved into his chest. He’s a guest of the Satanic cult deep below the bowels of the city. Their Bishop plans to use him as a sacrifice to, as he puts it, “help me see my god again.”

Jo finds herself betrayed by her former lover Walter Booker who has found a way to lessen her hold on him and now it seems he plans to turn her over to the very people who he saved her from all those years ago, but appearances aren’t all that they seem.

Issue #5 concludes the series’ first arc “Death Chases Me.” And although Hank is saved from the cult and makes away safely with Josephine it’s clear evil has only been stymied, not stopped. As to whether Hank’s life is better today than before he met the woman he loves with all his heart, well, that’s a little murky as well.

Credit to Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips for delivering a noir/horror thriller that it appears is only getting started. Bring on Book Two. Worth a look.

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