The Stand

The Stand – The End

by Alan Rapp on December 28, 2020

in Television Reviews 

  • Title: The Stand – The End
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The Stand - The End television review

The first episode of CBS’ new adaptation of Stephen King’s The Stand focuses primarily on introducing Harold Lauder (Owen Teague) and the object of his obsession Frannie Goldsmith (Odessa Young) who are the only two survivors of Ogunquit, Maine and Stu Redman (James Marsden) who becomes a prisoner of the United States Government after he is the first person to show an immunity to the virus wiping out 99% of the world’s population. 42 years after the book’s publication and 26 years since the first television adaptation of the novel, the first episode jumps around a bit on the timeline before offering us a glimpse of the viral outbreak Charles Champion (Curtiss Cook Jr.) lets loose on the world.

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