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Harley Quinn #74

by Alan Rapp on July 20, 2020

in Comics

Harley Quinn #74 comic reviewIn the penultimate issue of the series, Harley Quinn finally catches up to Wittleson and solves the murder of her friend Alicia which has been the driving force behind the last several issues of the series. However, the woman behind Wittleson has her own plans for Earth as Harley Quinn comes face-to-face with Granny Goodness.

Harley Quinn #74 wraps up the “California or Death” storyline as Harley uses both psychology and guile to lower Granny’s defenses before taking the knockout punch and saving the world from the Fire Pit she’s been secretly feeding under the city. Not too shabby, Ms. Quinzel.

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Harley Quinn #73

by Alan Rapp on June 17, 2020

in Comics

Harley Quinn #73 comic reviewHarley and Booster sitting in a tree… Sure there’s plenty of other stuff happening in this issue, including Harley Quinn pushed through an emotional meat grinder, but the stand-out panel for me was the comic continuing down the road of possibly of seeing Goldie Quinn become a thing with the hero from the future turning down a quick roll in the hay with an emotionally vulnerable Harley and admitting to deeper feelings for the Joker’s ex.

Continuing the current storyline, Harley’s search into who murdered her friend, and fellow wrestler, Alicia takes some disturbing turns as Harley finds a suicide note from her friend that only brings more pain to the daughter Alicia left behind.

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Harley Quinn #72

by Alan Rapp on May 18, 2020

in Comics

Harley Quinn #72 comic reviewI believe in Booster Gold. Harley Quinn enlists the help of the greatest hero you’ve never heard of to look into why her best friend Alicia was murdered. While the pairing might seem a bit odd, it does invoke memories of of the character’s madcap antics in the Justice League International before DC’s various attempts to turn the character more serious, lose him in time, or wipe him out of existence completely.

The investigation takes them from the wrestling ring to a cult, uncovering a cache of Apokolips technology and a building project by the suspicious Jonathan Wittleson. Harley’s gut tells her Baby Face is behind the murder. While nobody but Harley could make sense out of the clues they find (making her conclusions dubious at best), the journey itself is worth it. Goldie Quinn indeed.

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Harley Quinn #70

by Alan Rapp on February 7, 2020

in Comics

Harley Quinn #70 comic reviewHarley Quinn #70 kicks off a new arc with a fun issue that will turn serious in its final pages. The issue catches up with Harley Quinn working as a wrestler, tag-teaming with her roommate Alicia. The concept provides several amusing panels to open the issue, joining the pair in mid-match against Rosie from Demolition Team and Crux. There’s also some nice moments of Harley at home interacting with Alicia and her daughter.

Trouble comes a calling when the promoter wants the pair to take on each other in the ring, and for Alicia to take a dive at the appropriate time allowing him to clean-up by betting heavy against the favorite. Harley takes some convincing, but despite going with the flow things don’t turn out well for Harley’s roommate.

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