Everafter #4

by Alan Rapp on December 24, 2016

in Comics

Everafter #4 comic reviewThe Fables spin-off continues as Connor Wolf‘s slip of the tongue gets the green agent in trouble. Discovered, Connor attempts to fight himself out the predicament, but largely outnumbered The Shadow Players latest agent soon finds himself captured which springs Peter Piper into action and join the fray.

With the agents more concerned about their own, Everafter #4 takes an unexpected turn. The ritual of the artifact thieves goes wrong when one of their own makes a dangerous move during the summon spell that releases a host of ghosts on an unsuspecting world. Reunited, thanks to Connor’s shape-shifting ability and Peter’s magic flute, the pair will have to figure out a way to put the genie back in the bottle before all hell breaks loose.

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Everafter #3

by Alan Rapp on November 9, 2016

in Comics

Everafter #3The third issue of Everafter continues the Fables spin-off’s opening arc with a twist. Remember the death of Connor Wolf which punctuated the end of the previous issue? Well, turns out the newbie spy isn’t dead. Having switched places by morphing into one of the heist crew, Connor is able to report back to The Shadow Players about the team of thieves stealing powerful Native American artifacts from museums all over the world. The trouble for Connor, however, is despite his ability to transform into any person or creature, he doesn’t gain that person’s knowledge or intelligence and, of course, is eventually found out.

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Everafter #2

by Alan Rapp on October 10, 2016

in Comics

Everafter #2The new Fables series continues as as Peter Piper and an injured Bo Peep return home without their prize, the out-of-control young girl who is bending reality in strange and macabre ways, and the body of one of their own. Given the situation, Connor Wolf is pressed into service earlier than intended. However, if the comic’s last panel is any indication, his career as a Shadow Player may be short-lived indeed.

Everafter #2 allows the opportunity for the brass to explain to Connor (and the audience) the team’s mission to capture thieves stealing powerful Native American artifacts from museums all over the world for purposes yet unknown. Dispatched to stop the latest robbery, Connor and Peter don’t get off to the greatest start as the young cub’s enthusiasm and eagerness aren’t appreciated by his partner.

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Everafter #1

by Alan Rapp on September 12, 2016

in Comics

Everafter #1Fables may be completed, but it seems there are still stories left to tell. Taking place in a world where magic runs rampant and no longer has to hide, Everafter #1 introduces us to The Shadow Players (network of both Fable and mundane agents tasked with policing a newly enchanted world). The first issue gives us a trio of Shadow Players (Bo Peep, Hansel, and Peter Piper) searching a zombie-infested train station for a “package” their boss wants found. Things get even more interesting with one member of the team chooses his own agenda over the mission.

Everafter #1 sells me on the concept of the issue, although for a Fables spy series there’s a definite lack of Cinderella here. Although it’s likely laying the groundwork for something bigger to come, the subplot of Snow White and Bigby Wolf‘s son joining the secret organization feels a bit shoehorned in.

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Fables #147

by Alan Rapp on January 7, 2015

in Comics

Fables #147Offering a brief interlude to the rising tensions between sisters, Fables #147 takes Rose Red back home to the house she grew-up in and offers her the opportunity to choose a peaceful path in nature rather than continue the road to war begun so many issues ago. Although momentarily tempted, Rose chooses forbidden knowledge

The issue’s other storyline involves Fabletown attempting to bring the immortal Prince Brandish to justice for the murder of Weyland Smith. Choosing trail by combat Brandish squares off against, and is quickly decapitated by, Lancelot. However, the prince’s unique medical condition doesn’t allow the contest to end causing serious confusion as to what happens next.

Should the pair be still dueling when Rose Red returns you have to wonder what her reaction to the odd scenario might be and if Lancelot’s realization that he is indeed Guinevere may come to pass as his attempt to take down a guilty knave his queen has pardoned might actually quicken the fall of the new Camelot. Worth a look.

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