Fatale #6

by Alan Rapp on July 3, 2012

in Comics

fatale-6-coverThe new arc pics up several months following the events of Fatale #5. Nicolas Lash‘s obsession with Josephine has only grown stronger as he finds himself increasingly isolated from friends as he works on a biography of his uncle to search for any clues about Josephine’s past.

Lash is approached by a local private investigator about a safety deposit box in his uncle’s name raising his hopes only to find his life immediately in danger as he realizes he isn’t paranoid after all, the mysterious group that almost sacrificed him months ago is still after him.

The rest of the new arc concerns a new character, a B-movies star named Miles who did a single film with Josephine, and who coincidentally shows up on her doorstep with a mysterious film Josephine wants to know all about and a bleeding young girl after fleeing the party of a local cult. The new arc starts out with a bang. Worth a look.

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