Fatale #8

by Alan Rapp on October 13, 2012

in Comics

fatale-8-coverThe latest issue of Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillip’s Fatale gives us an interlude, a calm before the storm, and we catch up with Nicolas Lash who continues to run for his life.

Lash’s recent run-ins with the cult, his growing paranoia, and another attack on his life shake free cobwebs in his brain and the man remembers the first time he ever met Josephine which was far, far earlier than Dominic’s funeral. And a night of failed passion leaves him close to answers but also with a bump on the head and missing Dominic Hank Raines‘ stolen manuscript.

Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, Josephine begins a relationship with B-movie star Miles against her better judgement and waits for the other shoe to drop now the cult knows she’s alive and where to find her as Mr. Bishop prepares to take his revenge. If you aren’t reading noir horror tale, you should be. Worth a look.

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