Justice League #8

by Alan Rapp on April 25, 2012

in Comics

justice-league-new-52-8-coverThe latest issue of Justice League is basically one long joke as Green Arrow keeps showing up to help the Justice League and keeps getting turned down when he asks to join. It gets old pretty quick. However, what’s more infuriating is the real reason so many of the leaguers are against adding another member to the team is relegated to a single splash page that isn’t even explained.

In the back-up story, “The Curse of Shazam Part 2,” Billy Batson meets his new foster family which includes a bossy Mary and (for some odd reason) a blond Freddy Freeman. As we got last issue the main point of the story is for Billy to act like a little prick and be put in his place by those who know better. Yeah, he’s got hero written all over him.

The main story has some nice one-liners from Batman and Green Lantern, and an intriguing offer by Steve Trevor for Ollie, but it’s pretty forgettable. The only saving grace in the Shazam story is the introduction of Mary’s pet rabbit and slightest glimmer of hope that someday we just might see Hoppy the Marvel Bunny. Hit-and-Miss.

[DC, $3.99]

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