The Lone Ranger #10

by Alan Rapp on October 11, 2012

in Comics

Tonto returns home after killing all but one of the soldiers who attacked his people and killed his wife as the “Native Ground” storyline continues.

With so much blood on his hands, even bathing in the nearby river can’t get the Native American warrior clean. Realizing the man he left alive will tell others of his actions and put his tribe at risk, Tonto decides he must leave the tribe and give the white man another target to chase, and fear.

Back in the present, the Lone Ranger finally reaches the elders of the Ute tribe only to be told their is nothing to be done for his fallen friend. We know Tonto isn’t going to die, but it seems the Ranger will have his hands full to convince the tribe to help him as the story concludes over the next two issues.

Although the story arc has filled in quite a bit of backstory, we’re now four issues in and no closer to learning the events that brought Tonto and the Lone Ranger together. I’m hoping that part of the story will be told by the Ranger in his quest to get his companion the help he needs to survive. For fans.

[IDW, $3.99]

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