Sons of Great Dane – Why Ramble?

by Alan Rapp on October 25, 2012

in Music News & Reviews

sons-of-great-dane-why-rambleKansas City Power pop five-piece band Sons of Great Dane have re-released their first album Why Ramble? along with their new EP You Can’t Lose it All, All at Once through Sharp County Records. The highlight of the 10-song album is “Bullet Left It’s Barrels Head,” but there’s plenty here for fans of the genre from the catchy “Easy Train” to the more low-key melodies of “The Ballad of Lou Baker.” Although the new EP feels a little more serious (it doesn’t have the more lighthearted and fun tone of Why Ramble?), it’s certainly worth a listen to those who enjoyed the band’s first album. You can check out Sons of Great Dane’s recent appearance on the Chevy Music Showcase here and listen to both the album and EP inside.

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