An Interview with the cast of Spring Breakers

by Alan Rapp on May 10, 2012

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For the May issue of Interview Magazine writer/director Harmony Korine and stars Selena Gomez,  James Franco, and Ashley Benson, sat down with talk with Jonathan Durbin about their film Spring Breakers which will open in theaters sometime early next year. Korine talks about the paparazzi’s interest in the film and the amount of buzz pics of the young female cast in brightly colored bikinis generated online and in the press. In the film Gomez, Benson, Vanessa Hudgens, and Rachel Korine star as college girls who find themselves in jail after attempting to rob a bank while on spring break only to be bailed out by a local drug dealer (Franco) who gives them a real lesson in crime.

In the article Gomez and Benson talk about spread their wings as actors and accepting roles outside of their comfort zone, Gomez talks about having to learn to smoke for the role, and Franco discusses how thrilled he is to be working with Korine and how perfect the casting is for the film. You can find the pics from the set (by Annabel Mehran, Michael Muller, and Chris Hanley) below.

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