Scandal – Hell Hath No Fury

by Alan Rapp on April 22, 2012

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  • Title: Scandal – Hell Hath No Fury
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As Olivia (Kerry Washington) readies for the storm Amanda Tanner’s (Liza Weil) story will unleash Pope and Associates also has to try and turn around the negative public perception of a new client – a millionaire’s son (Michael Cassidy) accused of rape who Olivia is roped into helping by an old friend (JoBeth Williams).

The rape case proves a real challenge for the team as three days into the trail the spoiled rich boy has already lost the jury, the man’s financial history of paying off secretly paying off women in the past to make his problems go away, and the fact that the woman (Ellen Woglom) accusing him of rape is an extremely believable non-profit worker who won’t accept a nine-figure settlement to make the matter go away. However, the reason why her story is so believable isn’t what it initially appears to be.

Olivia’s attempt to settle the Amanda Tanner matter with the White House, already complicated by Olivia’s own relationship with the President (Tony Goldwyn), is further complicated by Olivia’s client sending a tape of here liaison with the President to his Chief of Staff (Jeff Perry) without her lawyer’s knowledge and the one secret she’s keeping that could destroy the President of the United States.

Another strong episode that, at least for now, keeps building the President storyline without letting it overwhelm the show. (We’ll see how long it can keep this up.) There are a couple of nice moments here including seeing how the Chief of Staff uses the Tanner situation to drive a wedge between the President and Olivia, the reveal that the First Lady (Bellamy Young) has known about her husband’s affair with Olivia for some time, another nice cameo appearance by Matt Letscher, and a couple of great scenes between Washington and Joshua Malina.

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