June 2006

Movies We Want to See

by Alan Rapp on June 22, 2006

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We see tons of films and get to discussing them from time to time and often wax nostalgic on films we would rather see made than what we’ve just witnessed.  I’m a big fan of Richard Linklater’s Before Sunrise and the sequel made a decade later Before Sunset.  I’ve wondered why other great romances aren’t given a second look a few years down the line.  The one I’d most like to see would be a sequel to my favorite Cameron Crowe film of all time about a kickboxer and princess…


1989’s Say Anything… remains one of my favorite films.  The tale of opposites attracting has never been more memorable, more engaging, more fun, or more sweet. 

I enjoyed Linklater reuniting Ethan Hawke and Julie Delphy’s characters from Before Sunrise to let us see those same characters years later in Before Sunset (read that review here).  I would love to see Cameron Crowe do the same and reunite the kickboxing Lloyd with the brainy Diane.

What happened to those two young lovebirds when the plane touched down in London?  Are they together or apart?  Let these two reunite and bring all of us along for the ride!  We’ve been smashed from all sides with recent ridiculous and horrific pseudo-romantic-comedies and I for one would like something a little more meaningful.  I’ve been critical of Crowe’s last two films (Vanilla Sky and Elizabethtown) which lack the heart of these characters, but I wish he’d revisit these two and see where they would take us.

Inconvenient Truth Prizes

by Alan Rapp on June 21, 2006

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We’ve got some little prizes to give out from Al Gore’s new documentary An Inconvenient Truth (read the review)which looks at the issue of Global Warming.  Seen the film?  Have an opinion on the issue?  Know who Al Gore is?  How about Al Capone?  Gore Vidal?  Hell, do you know how to type?  Let us know and win a chance for a free goodie!


New on DVD

by December Lambeth on June 20, 2006

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We’re here to keep you informed on hot choices for renting or buying new DVD releases. Released this week: Syriana, Eight Below, Night Watch, The Hills Have Eyes, Charlie Chan Collection Volume 1, The Omen 2-Disc Collector’s Edition, Justice League Season Two, Superman The Animated Serious Volume Three, Lois & Clark The New Adventures of Superman Third Season, News Radion Fourth Season and The King of Queens The Fifth Season.


Here’s what is getting released today on DVD:


Syriana – Syriana, while not based on any specific events, gives a chillingly accurate portrait of the many pressures brought to bear on the Middle East oil concerns.  Multiple storylines (each intrinsically tied together) converge to show how poverty, politics, reform, and economic opportunity work against each other, creating unintended consequences for all.  People who don’t follow politics might get lost among the multiple storylines, but in reality each scene impacts every other, even if it’s not readily apparent.  Top notch performances from all the leads, with particular notice going to the excellent Jeffery Wright, as a lawyer who slowly gives in to corruption. Check out a more detailed version of Aaron’s review or Alan’s.

Eight Below – Have a box of tissue ready for this one, it’s a tear jerker. You will cry in happiness and sorrow as these 8 dogs make it on their own for over 6 months during storm season in Antarctic. Everybody will want to go out and buy a Husky after watching Eight Below. Based on true events of sleigh dogs and their frontier explorers, this film is great for the family. Hey the actors are good too, especially that American Pie guy, Jason Biggs; ya, I didn’t know he was in it either. Get a detailed review from Alan.

Night Watch – Russia’s, Nochnoy Dozor (Night Watch), is a monster/gore-fest that looks like it was loosely based on a darker (very dark and very German, with out a sexy hero or heroine) version of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Moscow is split up between good and evil, day and night, supernatural humans with a truce with the evil/vampire versions roaming the night and the good in the day. The vampires are forced to stay within their realm by a “Night Watch” who controls their temperaments through light forces.

The Hills Have Eyes – Close to Wes Craven’s version from 1977, an A-typical American family find themselves broke down out in the middle of nowhere and being chased by crazy ass psychos who like to torture and murder innocents just for kicks. This group of freaks stayed around for the government nuclear testing during the 50’s and certainly messed with their physical and mental being. Some of the families fight back and escape, very similar to a Chainsaw Massacre feel. I have to wonder, with films like The Hills Have Eyes and Silent Hill exactly why Rob Zombie had such a hard time getting anybody to produce House of a 1,000 Corpses.

Special Edition or Series Release:

The Omen (2-Disc Collector’s Edition) – Next to the original Exorcist, The Omen is a close second to leaving you with that odd uneasy feeling of something evil lurking beneath our souls. Now, we get even more of being scared of possessed children (most are already) in this 2 disc special edition of The Omen.


Justice League – Season Two (DC Comics Classic Collection) – Here is a 4-disc, 26 episode animated collection that includes Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, Hawkgirl, Green Lantern and The Flash, all using there super powers to fight evil and save the world and beyond.

Superman – The Animated Series, Volume Three (DC Comics Classic Collection) – A 2-disc, 18 episode Superman animated adventure. Aliens come to town to destroy the world and Superman is no match for Darkseid. The evil warlord takes control of Superman and makes him take over the planet to help Darkseid to rule the world; no worries, everything works itself out in the end.


Lois & Clark – The New Adventures of Superman – The Complete Third Season – It’s looks like Superman week this week with DVD releases. Lois & Clark is a TV version with a younger Man of Steel and a much younger and more beautiful Lois; saving the world one super power moment at a time and falling in love.

News Radio – The Complete Fourth Season – The 4th season of the politically incorrect sitcom full of humor, office politics, a loony boss and a bit of romance. What boast a wonderful comedian like Phil Hartman can’t be all that bad! Dave Foley, Stephen Root, Andy Dick, Jon Lovitz plus many more made up the cast of News Radio, all set on one stage and very funny.

The King of Queens – The Complete Fifth Season

Free Clerks II Tickets

by Alan Rapp on June 19, 2006

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For our fans in Kansas City we’ve got a couple of free passes (each good for 2 people) for a special advance screening tonight (Tuesday, June 20th).  The film won’t be released in theaters until next month, so here’s your chance to be one of the first to see the latest from Kevin Smith and View Askew.  Tell us why you’re a Kevin Smith fan and give us a reason to send the pass your way.

Congrats to the Winners!  We’ll see you tonight.

Clerks II

This Week

by Alan Rapp on June 19, 2006

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So what’s out there this week.  Well today we’ll take a look at the films scheduled to be released this Friday which include Adam Sandler in control of all reality, an ex-con being pulled back into the world of crime, a controversal look at the policies and prisoners of Guatanamo Bay, and a documentary on Leonard Cohen.  All that and more; read on.


Here’s what’s scheduled to hit theaters this week.  Want to know more, just click on the title for film info including a full cast list.  Want a closer look, just click on the poster to watch the trailer.


The latest from Adam Sandler “borrows” its plot from such memorable films as Stay Tuned and Clockstoppers.  Sandler plays a workaholic who discovers a universal remote that allows him to control reality by freezing, rewinding, and fastforwarding time.  Along for the ride on this one are Kate Beckinsale (sans rubber suit), David Hasselhoff (sans talking car and swimsuit), Henry Winkler (sans leather jacket), Sean Astin (sans hairy feet), and Chrisopther Walken (crazy as ever).  The film marks a reuniting with Sandler and director Frank Coraci (The Waterboy).

Waist Deep

The latest from director Vondi Curtis-Hall (Glitter, Redemption: The Stan Tookie Williams Story), finds ex-con (Tyrese Gibson – he of Fast and the Furious 2 fame) trying to live a clean life removed from his past but is pulled back in when his son is kidnapped during a carjacking.  Yeah, I think I’ve seen this once or twice before before with the clean living con forced back into the world of crime; not exactly an original premise but what do you expect from the director of Glitter?.  Rounding out the cast this time are Larenz Tate (Crash), Meagan Good (Roll Bounce, Brick), rapper “The Game,” and Darris Love.

Leonard Cohen: I’m Your Man (limited release)

A new documentary by director Lian Lunson (Willie Nelson: Down Home) focuses on the life and music of singer/songwriter Leonard Cohen.  The film is compiled from interviews and performances, mostly from the tribute to Cohen in 2005 at the Sydney Opera House, by Cohen, Bono and the Edge from U2, Anthony Hegarty, Rufus and Martha Wainwright, Linda Thompson, Anthony Hagerty, Anna and Kate McGarrigle, Hal Wilner, Nick Cave, Julie Christensen, and more.  The film has recieved mixed reviews as many feel the actual man is barely profiled in what appears to be more a celebration of his work than a true documentary.

The Road to Guantanamo (limited release)

Co-directors Michael Winterbttom (In This World, Tristam Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story, Wonderland) and Mat Whitecross attempt to tell the tale of the Tipton Three – three Islamic friends, all British citizens, who were held in Guantanamo Bay, without ever being charged with a crime, for two years.  The critical look at America’s post 9/11 policies is sure to stir some controversy.  The film has been praised and attacked by groups for its disturbing portrayl of the US military and government’s knowledge and acceptance of these circumstances.  The film stars Riz Ahmed, Farhad Harun, Afran Usman, Shahid Iqbal, and Jason Salkey.

Wassup Rockers (New York)

Hispanic teens blow-off the hip-hop craze in South Central L.A. and grab their skateboards and rock out to pun rock.  Escaping to Beverly Hills they run into trouble with cops and the eccentric elite as they become lost in la-la land and learn important lessons about themselves and the world.  The latest from writer/director Larry Clark (Kids, Bully) was picked as the opening night film for the Slamdance Film Festival.  Like Clark’s other works this stars a collection of unknowns – Jonathan Valasquez, Fransico Pedrasa, Milton Velasquez, Yunior Usualdo Panameno, Luis Rojas-Salagado, Iris Zelaya, ad Ashlye Maldonado.