January 2011

Darth Vader and the Lost Command #1

by Alan Rapp on January 31, 2011

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darth-vader-and-the-lost-command-1-coverSet shortly after the events of Revenge of the Sith, this new mini-series sends Darth Vader on a mission into the mysterious “Ghost Nebula” to track down a missing Star Destroyer commanded by the son of Moff Tarkin.

In this first issue writer Haden Blackman gives us a glimpse into the mind, dreams, and regrets of the man who was once Anakin Skywalker as well as his growing pains at assuming his new role as the Emperor‘s right hand. One interesting note here is the early scene suggesting Vader’s mechanical limbs take far more (painful) maintanace than has previously been suggested.

The early scenes work well and as does the last half when the comic shifts into full-on action mode as Vader’s troops attack the planet of Atoa. The feel of everything is right here, even if the Atoans themselves are a bit disappointing – although we do get a glimpse of something more in the final page. Worth a look.

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Coming Soon

by Alan Rapp on January 31, 2011

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  • Title: Soul Surfer
  • IMDB: link

Based on a true story (and more than a little reminiscent of Blue Crush) comes this tale of a young surfer (AnnaSophia Robb) struggling to find the courage to return to the water after losing her arm in a shark attack. Helen Hunt, Lorraine Nicholson, Carrie Underwood, and Dennis Quaid also star. Soul Surfer rides the wave into theaters on April 8th. Check out the official site.

Comic Rack

by Alan Rapp on January 31, 2011

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It’s a new week so it must be time to talk about comics! Welcome to the RazorFine Comic Rack boys and girls. Pull up a bean bag and take a seat at feet of the master as we offer you this quick list of all kinds of comic book goodness set to hit comic shops and bookstores this week from all your favorite publishers including DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, BOOM!, Dynamite, Image Comics, and others.

This week includes Batman Beyond, Black Terror, Gotham City Sirens, Hulk, Invincible, Irredeemable, I Zombie, Last Phantom, Secret Six, Sonic the Hedgehog, Spider-Girl, Warriors Three, the first issues of Daomu, DC Universe Online Legends, Deadpool & Cable, H2O, The Stand: No Mans Land, Ultimate Comics Captain America, Witchfinder: Lost and Gone Forever, and the final issues of Bomb Queen VI, Hellboy: The Sleeping and the Dead, Kane and Lynch, She-Hulks, Thor: For Asgard, Ultimate Comics New Ultimates, and Ultimate Comics Thor.

Enjoy issue #113

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Fantastic Four #587

by Alan Rapp on January 28, 2011

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fantastic-four-587-coverThe second to last issue of this incarnation of the Fantastic Four (Marvel plans to relaunch the title as FF) is a pretty good indication why it’s time to close the book on these characters. This isn’t a bad comic, but, for almost all of the issue, it misses the point.

The Fantastic Four aren’t the Avengers, they aren’t the Defenders, and they aren’t the Guardians of the Galaxy. They’re family, and the characters work best when their comic focuses not on the latest galactic threat but the interactions between its four main characters.

Issue #587 splits the team up into three separate tales. Reed Richards tries to save the inhabitants of a doomed world from Galactus (in what might be his most boring cameo in any Marvel book, ever), Sue Storm attempts to broker peace between Namor and the tribes of Old Atlantis, and Ben and Johnny try to save the Reed children, and the rest of the world, from an Annihilus Wave attempting to break through from the Negative Zone.

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Reason #36 Why I Love DS9 – Blood Oath

by Alan Rapp on January 27, 2011

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  • Title: Star Trek Deep Space Nine – Blood Oath
  • tv.com: link

There are many reasons why I love Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and why it remains my favorite of the Star Trek franchise.

Reason #36: “Blood Oath”

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine fought against the squeaky clean future Star Trek: The Next Generation instilled. One way DS9 did this was to honor the spirit of the original Star Trek in many different ways. With only one exception, the biggest of these moments came in the form of “Blood Oath” which reunited three of the classic Klingon villains from the original series: Kor (John Colicos), Kang (Michael Ansara), and Koloth (William Campbell).

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