July 2012

  • Title: Political Animals – The Woman Problem
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Political Animals

At a private family dinner Elaine (Sigourney Weaver) announces to her mother (Ellen Burstyn) and sons that she intends to run against President Garcetti (Adrian Pasdar) in the next election. To help lay the foundation of his hush-hush campaign by getting the help of an old friend and pollster (Chris Ellis), Bud (Ciarán Hinds) sets out with Douglas (James Wolk) and T.J. (Sebastian Stan) under the guise of a fishing trip.

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The Flash #11

by Alan Rapp on July 31, 2012

in Comics

The Flash #11The latest issue of The Flash begins a new story arc as the Scarlet Speedster has relocated to Keystone City letting everyone back home believe Barry Allen is dead. I’m less sure about The Flash leaving Central City than Barry Allen letting his true identity die (which I’m really not in favor of), but as long as writers Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato keep this arc relatively short I’m willing to see how things play out.

Barry gets himself a job in one of Keystone City’s super-villain dives where on the first day of work he has to suit up and stop a brawl between Captain Cold and Heat Wave. The Flash makes quick work of the two villains, but on the way back to prison they’re surprised by a visit from the Golden Glider.

I enjoyed Barry as the Flash, but I’m still unsure of his life out of costume in this arc. It’s also interesting to note that in the New 52 Keystone City is compared to Gotham in terms of in terms of high levels of crime and corruption. We’ll see what the Flash has to say about that. Worth a look.

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Cat Run

by Alan Rapp on July 31, 2012

in Home Video

  • Title: Cat Run
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cat-run-dvdWith Cat Run director John Stockwell and screenwriters Nick Ball and John Niven deliver a derivative action flick that wants so hard to be cool it’s almost embarrassing. Mixing a healthy dose of nudity with brutal stylized violence (including torture scenes with a cigar cutter and dental drill), a plot that doesn’t make all that much sense, and intentionally bizarre characters (such as D.L. Hughley as a one-armed, no legged, office worker) Cat Run is one mess of a film.

Our story takes place in Eastern Europe where genius introvert (Scott Mechlowicz) turned failed chef and his childhood best friend (Alphonso McAuley) decide (for no apparent reason) to start a low rent detective agency above a porno theater in Montenegro. Their first client is a prostitute named Cat (Paz Vega) who stole their car and phone and is the sole remaining witness to a series of brutal murders. Well, client is a rather strong word as no one actually hired these likable but ridiculous pair to find anyone.

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80’s Batmobile Cookie Jar

by Alan Rapp on July 30, 2012

in Toys & Collectibles

Holy Ceramic Cookie Jar Goodness Batman! This classic 80’s style 3.25in. tall Batmobile Cookie Jar can be yours for the low, low price of $45.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #12

by Alan Rapp on July 30, 2012

in Comics

tmnt-12-coverThe Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, with the help of the Purple Dragons, finally arrive to save Splinter and take on The Shredder and his army of “stupid evil ninjas.” Issue #12 has plenty of action including the end of Splinter’s fight with The Shredder and a four-way takedown of the leader of the Foot Clan by the heroes in a half-shell.

The turtles not only manage to bust the heads of several Foot Ninja, Karai, their mutant soldier Alopex, and put a beatdown on The Shredder, but, more importantly, they get what they came for and are able to save Splinter from being killed by Oroku Saki a second time.

The issue ends with the foreshadowing of a possible Angel/Casey/April love triangle and April finally officially meeting Splinter and being able to finally thank him for saving his life. We also get the rather inglorious end to Old Hob and the news General Krang is prepared to go ahead with the ominous sounding “Plan B.” Worth a look.

[IDW, $3.99]