August 2017

James Bond: Moneypenny (One-Shot)

by Alan Rapp on August 31, 2017

in Comics

James Bond: Moneypenny (One-Shot) comic reviewWhy should James Bond get all the fun? This one-shot focuses on one of the British agent’s most famous supporting characters: Miss Moneypenny. Taking the cue from the Daniel Craig rebeoot, this Moneypenny isn’t just a mousey secretary but a highly-trained former field agent promoted to an important new job: protecting the head of the Secret Intelligence Service, M.

The comic from writer Jody Houser and artist Jacob Edgar jumps around quite a bit, showcasing Miss Moneypenny in and out-of-the-field, early training, childhood, and a current assignment protecting M during his visit to a university. It’s this last piece that provides the bulk of the comic’s action.

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Star Wars Emperor Palpatine ARTFX+ Figure

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Arcade Fire – Electric Blue

by Alan Rapp on August 31, 2017

in Music News & Reviews

Here’s Arcade Fire with the official video for “Electric Blue.”

  • Title: To Catch a Thief
  • IMDB: link

“I’m in love with you.”
“Now that’s a ridiculous thing to say.”

To Catch a Thief (Special Collector’s Edition)A new string of burglaries along the French Rivieria prompt police to suspect the notorious John Robie (Cary Grant) has returned to his life of crime. The trouble is Robie is innocent. However no one, not the police nor his former friends, will believe him. With the help of an insurance agent (John Willliams) Robie hatches a plan to catch the thief in the act and clear his name.

Our retired thief cleverly insinuates himself into the lives of a wealthy widow (Jessie Royce Landis) and her beautiful daughter Fraces (Grace Kelly) knowing that their jewels will be on the list of the imposter. What he doesn’t anticipate is Frances recognizing him as the Cat and still being attracted to him.

In terms of enjoyment and escapism there are few films as well made as this one.  Though not on the level of some of Alfred Hitchcock‘s more important films like Psycho or Rear Window (also starring Grace Kelly, read that review) aside from North By Northwest it’s the most fun film the great director ever made.

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I Do… Until I Don’t

by Alan Rapp on August 30, 2017

in Movie Reviews 

  • Title: I Do… Until I Don’t
  • IMDb: link

I Do... Until I Don't movie reviewDolly Wells stars as a documentary filmmaker with a personal vendetta against marriage who sets out to prove that the concept no longer works in a modern world. In order to prove her thesis that matrimony should only last for seven years (with an option to renew), the filmmaker sets her sights on three unhappy Florida couples: a pair of senior citizens (Paul Reiser and Mary Steenburgen), a middle-aged couple (Lake Bell and Ed Helms) struggling with money and starting a family, and pair of free-love hippies (Wyatt Cenac and Amber Heard).

Writer, director, and star Lake Bell may have won me over with 2013’s In a World…, but her latest is severely lacking in charm (while sadly having no lack of cliche to fall back on). After an hour of insufferable characters who only really begin to show small moments humanity in the film’s last half-hour, I Do… Until I Don’t is like the first date from hell that only gets bearable as it nears its end. Even the few moments of genuine emotion we see in the last half-hour are sullied by the script falling back into the contrivance of the filmmaker’s project in its final few moments.

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