Ame-Comi Girls #7

by Alan Rapp on September 7, 2013

in Comics

Ame-Comi Girls #7The Ame-Comi Girls begin a new series with a weird reintroduction of Jesse Quick as a zombie speedster (seriously, wasn’t she a living hero just a few issues back?) and her introduction to the Teen Hellions: a group of alien, undead, and monsterific heroes who need her help to save the world.

Aside from the odd rebooting of Quick’s origins (why not just introduce a new character, it’s not like the DCU is lacking in them?), Ame-Comi Girls #7 is quite fun as the Flash heads out for her night of fun to help Red Raven, Cyborg, Tempest, Beast Girl, and Starfire battle Raven’s daddy Trigon who shows up with an army of demons to take over the world every year or so.

There’s plenty of action and some nice humor between Raven and Trigon as the invasion of Earth by a demon horde all because of one guy’s daddy issues embraces the absurdity of the situation in a way the New 52 never would. Worth a look.

[DC, $3.99]

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