Civil War II #1

by Alan Rapp on June 9, 2016

in Comics

Civil War II #1Apparently the House of Ideas is out of, well, ideas. Attempting to cash-in on the name recognition of one of Marvel’s biggest events, which coincidentally were just adapted for the basis of Marvel’s latest summer blockbuster, Civil War II offers a new story of the Marvel Universe heroes splitting into two “surprisingly” equal sides. While Civil War focused on what it meant to be a hero and offered debate about freedom and privacy versus safety and control, it’s sequel (as sequels are known to do) feels lightweight in comparison.

It all begins with an Inhuman who gets visions of tragic events yet to occur. With the Avengers, which apparently includes every single hero ever created by Marvel Comics at this point (except or Daredevil and Howard the Duck), the Inhumans are able to stop a Celestial from destroying the Earth. While Iron Man is reluctant to put his faith in one man’s visions of one possible future, and is squeamish for the moral implications of preemptively acting to stop a situation that might unfold differently than the Inhuman foresaw, Carol Danvers believes Ulysses’ abilities can help them save countless lives. Her choice to act on this knowledge creates the center of Marvel’s new rift.

While nowhere near as interesting or nuanced as the first Civil War, there’s at least an interesting idea at the center of the comic (although I’m not sure it’s strong enough to rip the entire Marvel Universe in half). However, how that idea is implemented, including having the biggest battle of the comic (so big it takes the lives of not one but two Avengers) take place entirely off-panel feels like a slap in the face to fans (not to mention the death sentence to the characters chosen to thin the herd – each of whom deserved better). Pass.

[Marvel, $5.99]

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