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by Alan Rapp on November 1, 2006

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Hey there true believers!  Today the twelfth issue of our Comic Book Shelf edition hits our newsstand.  Want to know what’s getting released today at the old comic shop but too busy, or lazy (not that there’s anything wrong with that), to bother?  Well no sweat Bat-fans as we’ve got the scoop of what comics and graphic novels are hitting the shelves today.

This week’s releases include Detective Comics, Incredible Hulk, Hellgate: London, Justice League of America, Fantastic Four: The End, Midnighter, Superman Confidential, What If? Avengers Disassembled, The Other Side, Nightwing, and more!

If you’re looking for graphic novels you don’t want to miss X-Men: The Complete Age of Apocalypse Epic Book 4, Gotham Central: The Quick and the Dead, Fantastic Four: First Family, Adam Strange Archives Vol. 2, Go Girl! Robots Gone Wild!, Spider-Girl: Betrayed, and more.

For the full list check inside…

Here’s what’s new and hitting your local comic book store today true believers!

DC Comics:

Detective Comics #825 – Doctor Phosphorous returns to take his revenge on crime boss Rupert Thorne. [$2.99]

Justice League of America #3 – Dr. Impossible shows up to trouble the new Justice League.  Collector alert: the issue is available in two different covers. [$2.99]

Justice League Unlimited #27 – The Parasite takes advantage of Superman’s absence from Metropolis.  Can the JLU’s lesser known heroes Black Lightning and Steel bring him down? [$2.25]

Nightwing #126 – Nightwing tries to save the Raptor from Police. [$2.99]

Superman Confidential #1 – The new ongoing series chronicling key moments in the history of the Man of Steel begins here with his first encounter with that pesky kryptonite. [$2.99]

Marvel Comics:

Avengers Next #1 – The next generation of Avengers gets a new member and fights zombie versions of themselves. [$2.99]

Fantastic Four: The End #1 – The final story of Marvel’s first family begins in this futuristic tale of a vulnerable and divided Fantastic Four. [$2.99]

Incredible Hulk #100 – A special HULK-sized issue finds the Hulk caught in the world-ravaging battle on Planet Sakaar. [$3.99]

She-Hulk #13 – A look into the mind of Thanos, and a beatdown between the green gal and the mad titan. [$2.99]

What If? Avengers Disassembled #1 – A new What If? tale looks at the darkest day in Avengers history that brought the team to its final end. [$3.99]

Vertigo, Wildstorm & Dark Horse Comics:

American Splendor #3 (of 4) – Pekar’s world is described here with eight new ad-free stories from comics’ best artists. [$2.99]

Hellgate: London #1 – The war between humanity and demons continues in London where humanities last hope may lie in understanding an arcane symbol inscribed on the city itself. [$2.99]

Midnighter #1 – Returning from a mission the Midnighter finds himself taken hostage through the door and given the choice to either kill a mass murderer or die. [$2.99]

A Nightmare on Elm Street #2 – A mysterious young girl is thwarting Freddy’s attempts at killing the new family. [$2.99]

The Other Side #2 (of 5) – The mini-series examining both sides of the Vietnam War continues. [$2.99]

Graphic Novels:

Adam Strange Archives Vol. 2 – Hardcover Archive Edition of Adam Strange’s adventures from the 1960’s collection Mystery in Space issues #66-80. [$49.99]

Fantastic Four: First Family – The untold earliest days of the FF are republished here in this trade paperback collection of the six-issue mini-series. [$15.99]

Go Girl! Robots Gone Wild! – The flying teenager and friends take on evil robots in this trade paperback collection of two Go Girl! stories – “Prisoners of the Machine” and “Double Trouble.” [$14.99]

Gotham Central: The Quick and the Dead – Trade paperback collection of Gotham Central issues #23-25 and #28-31 focusing on the Detective Renee Monyoya and the Gotham Police Force. [$14.99]

Museum of Terror Vol. 3 – The third volume of the horror manga series includes violinists and a vampire den, a classroom of grotesquely masked students, a musician’s possessed arm, corpses, monk-ridden ruins, infectious radio broadcasts, and a message left by a suicide victim. [$13.95]

Spider-Girl Vol. 7: Betrayed – Trade paperback collection of Spider-Girl issues #34-38 and #51 includes Mary Jane harboring a secret, the Green Goblin, and the Fantastic Five. [$7.99]

X-Men: The Complete Age of Apocalypse Epic Book 4 – The final issues of Marvel’s alternative timeline are collected here in this trade paperback. [$29.99]

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