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by Alan Rapp on September 13, 2006

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Hey there true believers!  Today the fifth issue of our Comic Book Shelf edition hits our newsstand.  Want to know what’s getting released today at the old comic shop but too busy, or lazy (not that there’s anything wrong with that), to bother?  Well no sweat Bat-fans as we’ve got the scoop of what comics and graphic novels are hitting the shelves today.

This week’s releases include Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight, Captain America, The Escapist, Green Arrow, New Excalibur, Rokkin, Firestorm, Ultimate X-Men, Martian Manhunter, and more!

If you’re looking for graphic novels you don’t want to miss Prince of Baghdad, Superman: Infinite City, Wildcats: Nemesis, The Gremlins, and new collected editions of Shazam! Family Archives, Rex Mundi, Wolverine Classics, Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, and Doom Patrol.

For the full list check inside…

Here’s what’s new and hitting your local comic book store today true believers!

DC Comics: 

52 #19 – The “What If?” storyline of a DC Universe without Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman continues.  This week includes an attempt to use Booster Gold’s DNA to create a superhero, and the origin of Animal Man. [$2.50]

Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #210 – Has Batman failed to save the kidnappers’ hostage? [$2.99]

Firestorm: The Nuclear Man #29 – Firestorm takes on an army of cyborgs and must confront his own father. [$2.99]

Green Arrow #66 – Convinced he needs to retrain Green Arrow searches out the aid of the person who trained Deathstroke. [$2.99]

Martian Manhunter #2 (of 8) – The discovery of a Martian artifact on Earth leads J’onn to a shocking discovery that will forever alter his destiny. [$2.99]

Marvel Comics:

Captain America #21 – Captain America comes face to face with a former partner as he tires to save London. [$2.99]

Civil War Files #1 – As the Super Hero Registration Act divides the Marvel heroes Tony Stark, the new head of the government’s Super Hero Task Force, begins a dossier on all heroes. [$3.99]

Ms. Marvel #7 – Ms. Marvel and Wonder Man track down a pair of rogue heroes. [$2.99]

New Excalibur #11 – New Excalibur goes back into the past to save King Arthur and Camelot from destruction. [$2.99]

Ultimate X-Men #74 – The X-Men learn the truth behind the Magician. [$2.99]

Vertigo, Wildstorm & Dark Horse Comics:

The Escapist #3 – Case and Max break into the Cleveland Plain Dealer’s office. [$2.99]

Fables #53 – Geppetto’s conference of imperial leaders continues. [$2.99]

A Man Called Kev #3 (of 5) – Kev Hawkins past comes back to haunt him as what he witnessed during the Gulf War and a mission called Bravo Four Zero put Kev in danger. [$2.99]

Rokkin #3 – Rokkin is joined by a mysterous Valyrie who aids him in his quest for a magical sword. [$2.99]

Secret Traces: The Great Game #3 (of 4) – Gifted photographer Charlotte Hemming has crashed on Mars in the middle of a war and while trying to stay alive stumbles across the secret history of the planet that could spell doom for all humankind. [$2.99]

Graphic Novels:

Doom Patrol Vol. 4: Musclebound – Trade paperback collection of the world’s strangest heroes from Doom Patrol issues #42-50. [$19.99]

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man Vol. 1: Derailed – As the Hobgoblin terrorizes the city a major character from Peter Parker’s past returns in this trade paperback collection of Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man issues #5-10. [$14.99]

The Gremlins – 1943 Walt Disney adventure, out of print since but now collected in hardcover form, centers around a Gremlins during WWII. [$12.99]

New Avengers Vol. 4: The Collective – Hardcover collection of New Avengers issues #16-20. [$19.99]

Prince of Baghdad – This hardcover graphic novel was inspired by true events; writer Brian k Vaughan gives us a startlingly original look at the life on the streets of Baghdad during the Iraq War. [$19.99]

Rex Mundi Book Three: The Lost Kings – The Catholic Church dominates Europe, but when a master physician discovers a thousand year-old secret everything might change in this trade paperback collection of Rex Mundi issues #12-17. [$16.95]

The Shazam! Family Archives – Hardcover edition reprinting adventures of Captain Marvel, Jr. and Mary Marvel. [$49.99]

Superman: Infinite City – Trade paperback version of Superman stuck in a world where futuristic technology and magic exist.  To win the day and return home with Lois the Man of Steel must battle his own doppelganger. [$17.99]

Wildcats: Nemesis – Trade paperback collection of the nine-issue mini-series. [$19.99]

Wolverine Classics Vol. 4 – Trade paperback collection of Wolverine issues #17-23. [$14.99]

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