Daredevil #28

by Alan Rapp on July 18, 2013

in Comics

Daredevil #28When Matt Murdock is approached for help by his childhood bully, Daredevil has grave reservations about defending the person who made his childhood a living hell, and is responsible for the nickname “Daredevil,” from charges that he belonged to a terrorist organization. Beginning with Matt visiting Foggy in the hospital, the issue certainly focuses more on Matt than his horned alter-ego.

Although he originally turns down the case, Murdock’s conscience gets the better of him and he finally agrees to prep Nate Hackett to defend himself in court (which turns out to be quite entertaining). The emotions of Matt’s struggles to both sit at Foggy’s bedside and help an old enemy each work well (even if I’m not comfortable with yet another retcon of where Daredevil got his name).

The issue ends in bizarre fashion as the Sons of the Serpent make sure Hackett doesn’t give away any privileged information about their society by having the judge shoot the defendant in the middle of the courtroom. I was thrown off a little by these last few panels, but I trust that Waid knows where he’s going. Worth a look.

[Marvel, $3.99]

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