Daredevil #32

by Alan Rapp on October 30, 2013

in Comics

Daredevil #32Daredevil #32 begins with the anticlimactic result of the Jester‘s trap (which, as expected, is so obviously false it’s dispensed with in only a handful of panels). Mark Waid tries to see the humor in a villain refusing to believe Matt Murdock is truly blind, but the macabre nature of a lynched Foggy Nelson doll simply doesn’t work on any level.

From these humble beginnings the comic picks up as Daredevil enlists the help of Dr. Strange for information about the Sons of the Serpent and the cult’s magic book which offers the opportunity for a funny, if immensely cheap, stab at the people of Kentucky.

The comic ends with Daredevil interrupting a good ‘ol Southern lynch mob only to later realize the group is after actual monsters and he may have chosen the wrong side. The result is a somewhat forced Halloween adventure that ends in yet another cliffhanger and more trouble and no new answers for our hero. For fans.

[Marvel, $2.99]

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