Detective Comics #939

by Alan Rapp on September 1, 2016

in Comics

Detective Comics #939After discovering the identity of the Colony of Batmen and rescuing Batman from their clutches, the team springs into action to prevent the secret government group from fulfilling its plans. With their anonymity gone, Jake Kane accelerates his plans by sending all his drones after potential League targets without any care for potential causalities.

Along with some flashbacks to a Bruce Wayne and Katherine Kane‘s childhood, Detective Comics #939 proves to be the issue that finally highlights Red Robin and his unique skill-set. Unable to stop the killer drones, the member of the Bat-Family offers them a new target: himself. The only question is will his own Bat-Drones be able to keep him alive long enough to whittle down the Colony’s forces?

While I certainly expect Tim Drake to survive, the issue does tease his upcoming absence in the title. I’ll be curious to see what that means for the team and its other members (particularly Spoiler). Writer James Tynion IV has fashioned, by far, my favorite of the Rebirth Bat-Books and I’m in no hurry to see one of the characters depart. Worth a look.

[DC, $2.99]

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